AuntyLand Film Festival (ALFF) is a community-driven event devoted to short films by and for diverse women and BIPOC storytellers. Based in Tribeca, New York, the Festival is moving forward to offer year-round programs after a successful launch in March for Women’s History Month. Upcoming Summer 2022 screenings of films are the beginning of the festival’s effort to pivot to year-round and hybrid–digital and in-person programs.

“Films are a great way for us to stay connected to each other as we come out of lockdown,” said Sylvia Wong Lewis, Festival Director, and Auntyland Founder. “While joy, resilience, and kinship are themes that spark our conversations, we are excited to engage in new dialogues through the lens of a camera,” Lewis added.

The Festival focuses on diverse, Diasporan women and girls’ work, roles, and interests. The Festival promotes inclusive, diverse, and independent filmmaking. Admission to all events is free, including screenings, panels, and special events.

The Festival provides exposure to filmmakers about people and topics from diverse cultures and is especially reaching out to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) filmmakers. In addition, stories by and about LGBTQ women and girls, people living with disabilities, older women, and aunties of all ages are welcome. The Festival also provides exposure for distributors, reviewers, and the general public to attend, network, and support current artistic developments in film.

Awards and Prizes

A distinguished Selections Committee of diverse professional Creatives will select the top film awards. All award winners will receive a cash prize.

The People’s Choice Awards will be based on the selected films to receive the most public votes.

Awards categories based on potential sponsors may include Best Narrative, Documentary, Comedy, Food/Cooking story, Gardening/Home story, Pet or Animal story, ‘Only in New York’ stories, and LGBTQ themes.

Criteria for Awards

Award criteria are quality and integrity! We look for creativity, script originality, cinematography, photography, graphic design, acting, editing, special effects, set design, costumes, music, and sound design.

The Festival looks for a ‘Wow!’ factor. Under-represented or overlooked stories and compelling, inspirational, and entertaining stories are a plus. Comedies must be funny.


Welcome Filmmakers and Video Producers! The Festival welcomes your independent, artistic creativity.

Summer 2022 programs  will offer screenings of films up to 60 minutes.  You may submit as many films as you like. All genres are welcome including features, family, community stories, narratives, memoir, comedy, horror, youth media, animation, experimental, and more.

Feature film ‘Works in progress’ and Trailers are welcome. However, the filmmakers must edit to fit the Festival’s time frame limit.

Rules and Terms

  • Summer program films may be features of up to 60 minutes in length. 
  • The regular Winter festival during March for Women’s History Month must be short films of 20 minutes or less.
  • Filmmakers are not paid to screen selected work. All submissions MUST indicate two working contact phone numbers and working email addresses.
  • All submitted work must be easily accessed through
  • When you submit your work to Auntyland Film Festival (ALFF), you accept full responsibility for the content and obtain proper rights to all content in your submitted work.

Dates and Deadlines

Opening Date: June 9, 2022

Regular Deadline: June 24, 2022

Notification Date:  June 27, 2022

Event Dates: July 1 – August 31, 2022